Cha cha cho chorizo! Chorizo sweet potato balls. Yes, really.

Last Thanksgiving, my husband became the keeper of the keys, I mean leftovers. By Sunday, he began mumbling about making chili with what we still had in turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and greens. I said, “Go for it.” That he did. He found some cans of beans in the cupboard and some chorizo in the freezer and nothing short of magic happened.

Warhol’s line drawings of coffee makers circa 1961 for Amy Vanderbilt’s Complete Cookbook.

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SNOW DAY COOKING: Marshmallows, and crackers, and soup, oh my!

We are snowed in. Snowmageddon 2017. Helena hails. Williamsburg wonderland. A foot of snow! You get the picture. Or, if not, see below. Ok, I’ll admit that with the possibility of being stuck indoors looming, I began plotting what I might cook. And these are things you can do anytime you’re stuck at home because the ingredients are either simple and short or can be modified easily.

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Cool as a cucumber soup

cool cucumbers on the chopping block

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