Out of sight, out of mind– and, off the hips.

fruitbowlHappy 2017 from us here at Food Process! Resolutions abound in the new year, one of the most common being changes made in order to lose weight. Weight loss is a great goal and an important one, too. Losing weight will make you look better and it will allow your system to work more efficiently. You will then think better, sleep better, and feel better emotionally.

Overall, the weight loss process is relatively straightforward: decrease your calorie intake. You may couple this with an increase in exercise so that more of the calories consumed each day will actually be used instead of converted into fat.

But this is tricky. For one thing, we often don’t even realize how many calories we are consuming. Or, we don’t realize how inactive we actually are. Thirty minutes of walking will do very little if you’re sedentary the rest of the day. And, that fresh made sandwich has lots of hidden calories and carbs in it. So what if it isn’t the fired chicken you really wanted, it is still costing you. This means you have to pay attention to everything you eat. Journalling can be hugely effective on this front. Check out this article in Time from 2012 reporting on a study citing the effectiveness of journaling about your food intake.

Here’s another fun finding. “Fun” because it is about weight loss but has nothing to do with eating or exercising. It simply has to do with where you store your food.Two experiments were completed. In the first, 500 households across the nation were asked to report on their kitchen inventory as well as family member height and weight. In the second, about 200 households in Syracuse, NY were photographed and catalogued and the family member’s height and weight were recorded. One of main findings is that the presence of fruit on the counter was associated with lower BMI in both groups. The researchers suggest clearing counters of all foods other than fruit if you would like to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. So keep the cereal, candy, cookies, crackers out of sight. When you’re hungry let the first things you see as a solution be the fruit not the cookie.

Reference: Wansink, B., Hanks, A.S., & Kaipainen, K. (2016). Slim by design: Kitchen counter correlates of obesity. Health Education Behavior, 43 (5), 552-558.
So there you have it: no food on the kitchen counter except fruit. Fruit has often gotten a bum wrap because folks will talk about its sugar content or the hidden calories in something like a banana. But flash forward to Weight Watchers newest points program and many fruits and vegetables are free (no point cost). The reason: fresh fruit and vegetables are you can use! Yes they have calories, yes they may have sugar, but eat them all day long to avoid weight gain.
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