Pound cake french toast

toastThis is straightforward decadence. How does it happen that I make pound cake french toast on a Sunday morning? (No, it’s not typical.) It started with my daughter and me buying not one but two pound cakes because they were on special at the grocery last week. We ended up with one vanilla, one lemon. It was going to be our dessert during our $100 dinner week. The only problem is that the dinners filled us up pretty well so those pound cakes were still here and staring at me this morning.

Call from the bottom of the stairs: Would anyone be interested in pound cake french toast if I made it?

Responses: Yeah. and OK. Sure. The kids would have to force themselves.

Pound cake slices beautifully and I was able to get something like 10 slices out of this. Started by slicing down the middle, then turned each on its side and sliced lengthwise. It was plenty.


To cook: melt two tablespoon of butter (come on!) over medium-lo heat in skillet. Meanwhile whisk two eggs, 1/4 cup milk, cinnamon and nutmeg to taste (be generous) in a bowl. When butter is melted, dip and cover pound cake slices in mixture and lay in skillet. Turn heat to medium and stay vigilant on your toast. Turn once when lightly browned on first side, then again when more crisply browned on second side. Do a final crisping on first side again only briefly and serve. Enjoy with butter, maple syrup, cherry preserves. (Take an extended walk or jog later on:)!!!

foodprocess.org: forget processed food, get a food process

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