Menu wars: Batman v Superman

20160330_122518I saw the highly criticized epic Marvel feature, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice this past weekend. Let’s start with some obvious comments. Ben Affleck makes a decent Batman. The dark and brooding character plays wells with Ben’s supraorbital ridge. The character is large and bulky and almost too cool for even a superhero, sort of like Affleck in real life. We’ve seen plenty of Marvel characters that reveal their surprise human-form alter-egos but this Batman just has more dark in his human form. Dark and, in this case, with a very cool house with an even cooler butler Alfred, well-played by Jeremy Irons. A quick shout out to Jeremy Irons and all that he’s done for exuding confidence just shy of arrogance all these years on screen (a super hero feat in and of itself).

Henry Cavill was introduced to us as Superman back in 2013 in Man of Steel and he continues to please. He does a great job hiding his english accent (too bad) and playing up his clumsy alter-ego Clark Kent daringly and darlingly. There’s a scene where he walks in on Lois Lane (still played Marvel-ously by Amy Adams) in the tub with a bag of groceries ( I guess they cohabitate now) and I just could not stop wondering what he would be cooking for them. My mind kept wandering and here’s a Menu Wars: Batman v Superman edition, for your pleasure.



Breakfast of champions

Eggs Benedict Oatmeal with blueberries

Caffeine fix

Espresso shot doppio, delivered by Alfred

Mug of coffee, black,     made by Lois Lane

Lunch break

        Seared salmon filet              over bed of field greens      with mixed fruit cocktail

   Sausage with tomatoes and fennel over pasta with grapefruit salad

Protein punch

Almonds: raw, chocolate, cinnamon, sesame Shake with hemp powder, banana, tofu, almond milk, strawberries, and kale

Junk food

Cheeseburger and fries

Pepperoni pizza


 Print, New York, New York

Estes Lobster House, Harpswell Neck, Maine


Starbucks cool lime refresher

 Coca-cola with ice


         A Bellini, at Harry’s             in Venice

Stella Artois, at the pub down the street

Late nite munchie

Hagen Dazs Dulce de leche

                  Whole milk                                 with granola forget processed food, get a food process

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