Toss & chop titanium salad scissors


Here’s a great gadget to give or get.

The “Toss & chop titanium salad scissors” appeared on my birthday gift pile this year and are no disappointment.

Are they so life changing they need to be written about? Yes. They modify the approach to whole leaf salad preparation. In much the same way the salad spinner revolutionized our ability to wash and “dry” prepared lettuce, these scissors revolutionize the way we can chop and serve fresh leaf lettuce. They make it easy and time saving. It’s exciting to find a simple way to prepare fresh leaf lettuce given all the notes we’ve received about skipping the “triple washed” pre-cut salad bag options out there.

The scissors can only be purchased at Williams Sonoma for $24.95. I know that seems expensive but think of all you’ll save in buying fresh bouquets of leaf lettuce rather than the those pre-cut bags; these will earn their keep in no time. And, no, I’m not receiving any payback or ad money from this positive review. If only.

Easy as 1-2-3: a tough kale bouquet (left), the scissors at work (center), and a bundle of perfect bite size pieces (right) forget processed food, get a food process
















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