Forget processed food, get a food process

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This is me, above, thrilled with my birthday cake at 8 years. Who wouldn’t be? Food makes us happy. It nourishes us and energizes us; it is meant to be shared and it brings community together. Food is all around us: food shows, Food Network, fast food, junk food, fancy food, parties, food magazines, grocery stores, specialty shops, bakeries. It comes at us during all times of the day, too: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks.

Food is a necessity but it is a necessity that often, I believe, we forget to control. I don’t necessarily mean portion control, although that is certainly something important. What I mostly mean is that we need to work on our control over where our food comes from, what is in it, how it is prepared, what we do with it. What is your food process?

My love for food comes in large part from the fact that I actually love to cook. Coming home from the work day, pulling out my ingredients, and spending an hour preparing a dinner is a blue heaven for me. That it may or may not be enjoyed by one to three other family members within the span of about fifteen minutes is beside the point. I unwind while I cook. I use fast recipes, made-up recipes, old tedious recipes,  like those from Escoffier or Amy Vanderbilt (with the Andy Warhol pencil drawings– joy).

My love of cooking was born out of my disdain for processed food. This really came into full force once my husband and I had kids. There were these little angel mouths in front of us and I knew I didn’t want anything “chemical” or toxic going into them. If you don’t prepare your own food, there are so many unknowns. I would wonder how long a frozen waffle or french fry sat around a factory, or about by whom and where it was handled.

Too many people I know don’t cook. They either don’t like to (too much time, too boring, too expensive!), or don’t know how or don’t care to, for whatever reason. The simple truth is that home cooking is better than any other food. Not only that, it really is the most economically-minded way to eat. You buy it, you bake it. You eat, you enjoy it. It’s clean, it’s comfy. It’s healthy, it’s home. (Ok, I’m done with the funky phrasing for now.)

Here, my goal is to give you a reason to cook. A reason to love food. A reason to feel good about food and to feel good about eating. This site is set up to help you, the conscientious consumer, develop your own, user-friendly kitchen skill set. As the name implies, this site was created as a forum to think about your food process. The site will include bits about food shopping, recipes, preparation strategies, scientific research, and plain ole reasoning, musings, and comedy about why food, a necessity of life, deserves your love, care, and attention.

The other personal part of cooking for me is that I get to connect with my mom circa 1978, and my memories of her creating four course dinners every night. If only I had a paisley brown and purple blouse and frosted hair. For me, it’s Uggs, leggings, some oversize sweatshirt, hair in a ponytail, Pandora playing, and the cooking. So get comfy and let’s go!


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